An Open Source toolbox for asset optimization

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BakeMyScan is ALSO available for download on BlenderMarket for 20$, where 100% of my "earnings" will be donated to the Blender Development Fund.
You won't get premium features by buying it, but it would be a very elegant way to support my work and my "naive" approach, while really helping the Open Source ecosystem!
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BakeMyScan is a free and Open Source (GNU GPL v3) addon for blender 2.79.

This ongoing night-time project aims to provide a powerful toolbox for model optimization, and can prove useful for photogrammetry and 3D scanning, Sketchfab publishing, game assets creation, sculpting, 3D printing, and WebGL/VR/AR applications!

In order to install BakeMyScan and configure the external software, please consult the installation instructions.

I’ll create content and videos for the tutorials section soon, but you might have to wait a few more days for it to happen.

Also, I’ll try to setup a “Development log” to let you know where I am going with the project and try to be fully transparent. For now, it is more a collection of random thoughts, but you might get a better grasp of my project by checking this page.

Finally, and if you enjoy my work, I’d love to get your feedback. And if you want to help a little bit further, there are easy ways you can help me, without getting your money involved !

Temporary demo: Please forgive the poor quality and not scripted video, I'm very new to all this "communication" stuff!

Feedback / Stay tuned

Remeshing & Retopology

BakeMyScan provides an easy GUI access to powerful remeshing & retopolgy software, all within blender !

Quad-dominant topology

Instant Meshes and Quadriflow will often provide clean results for sculptors, animators and 3D artists in need of a quad-dominant topology. I also implemented an internal operator to give a quick quadrilaterals topology. Nothing perfect, but it seems to give fun results.

High quality triangular meshes

MMGtools is shipped with a very powerful surface remesher called mmgs. It was initally designed for scientific applications: mesh generation, shape optimization and computational fluid dynamics for instance, but also proves to be very useful to either improve a surface reconstruction or to decimate a model.

And the BakeMyScan interface allows you to fully customize its execution, as well as use weight paint as an input for the resulting edge length!

Remesh by targeting a number of faces

The interface to Meshlab's Quadric Edge Collapse Decimation filter as well as an adapted "Decimate" modifier will allow you to quickly remesh a model to a specified number of faces.

But I also developed a "smart" remeshing method taking as input a number of faces and based on an iterative sequence of blender modifiers, which gives great results and allows to drastically reduce a model weight while still maximizing the details!

Below is an example of a statue remeshed to approximately 10k triangles by the different algorithms / software.

From left to right: Instant - Quadriflow - MMGtools - Meshlab - Iterative method - Naive quads - Simple decimate


There's a reason it's called "BakeMyScan"

BakeMyScan will bake the model's albedo, vertex colors, ambient occlusion, roughness, metalness, emission and transparency channels.

But it will also bake the normals, and will combine the geometric normals with an input normal map if you provided one!

The model below is a remeshed - and retextured - version of this superb scan of a statue by Rigsters, licensed under CC-attribution. I remeshed it from 160k to 5k triangles, and created a mix of PBR materials on the original object.

And as BakeMyScan is lightning fast, it only took my PC ( i7 / 16GB RAM / gtx 1060) 42s to bake the albedo, roughness, metalness, surface normals, geometric normals and ambient occlusion into 2048x2048px textures!

Features Roadmap

HDRI previews and downloads, UV packing, other remeshers...

The list of features I would like to add to BakeMyScan is quite long, but here are some examples that I think achievable:

If you have any relevant ideas or suggestion concerning new features, this discussion on is probably the best way to discuss them!

Don't expect me to try to implement anything however, I'm still defining the roadmap, but given that this is a non-commercial addon, it will remain **MY roadmap** for at least a few months (I definitely plan to make it a community-driven addon, but just need some feedbacks before doing so).

Minor features

Other little features, not as significant or "sexy" as the previous ones, can also help make your life simpler when working with 3D scans:

  • "One button to import them all" (.fbx, .obj, .ply, .stl, .dae, .x3d)
  • Multiple "cleaning" steps regrouped together (clean normals, remove doubles, remove loose, make manifold...)
  • Export a model to .fbx, .ply or .obj, and save all of its associated textures to files
  • Export a 6-axis matte or textured views (as for the pumpkin)
  • Import / Export to MEDIT .mesh file format
  • New with 1.0.2: Symmetry and Mesh Relaxation operators!

The above list is of course not exhaustive, but is more as a reminder to tell you to try this add-on ;)

Use the full power of Python!

That's where the magic begins

2018/11/04: Still unstable!!

If you are feeling comfortable enough with a command-prompt, you can also automatically process models, without even opening blender.

BakeMyScan comes bundled with scripts which will allow you to:

And as a major bonus, those scripts are quite easy to modify if you need to adapt them to your workflow! (I'll soon provide information on this topic, so keep tuned!)

A minimal theme - inspired by Atom

time to stop the list of "features" ;)

And as a last bonus, and still for free, you'll also get access to a WIP blender theme inspired by my go-to text editor,

Install it by downloading the theme (Right click -> Save as...), opening the .xml file with File -> User preferences -> Theme -> Install theme from file... and selecting the "bakemyscan" theme

Download the theme

Made with

The assets below were made with BakeMyscan. They are also 100% free, and you can re-use most of them for commercial purposes.

Make sure to visit my Sketchfab profile, and to let me know if you create cool stuff out of them, that would totally make my day!

Lowpoly assets packs - community edition by Loïc Norgeot on Sketchfab