Turn a 3D scan into a lowpoly asset


During the photogrammetry process, I often end up with .obj or .ply files made of hundreds of thousands of triangles (often between 200k and 5M depending on the software and quality settings used), which are way too heavy to use in game engines or for web visualization.

I therefore wrote the BakeMyScan add-on to be able to reprocess such models to a few thousands triangles, while still keeping a fine control on the process as well as the global appearance satisfying thanks to albedo and normal maps usage. The add-on allows me to easily:

  1. Import the high resolution model and its associated albedo and normal maps if they are found.
  2. Create a nicely decimated copy of the initial object, with a targeted number of faces (1500 triangles for instance) and UV unwrap it.
  3. Bake the albedo and normal map textures between the high and low resolution objects.
  4. Export the lowpoly mesh to a .fbx file and the baked textures to associated image files on my drive.