No money involved!


The easy way: through feedback and sharing
The hard way: improve the code

I am not ready to accept external collaborators into my hobby project. Yet.

But as my “secret goal” is to turn BakeMyScan into some kind of “ultimate” addon for asset optimization, while still keeping it free, I will definitely need some help.

In order to make it into a “true” Open Source and collaborative project, I’ll have to open up to other contributors. And I want to do so, I’m just not sure exactly how yet ;).

As of right now and for the next few weeks, here are a few ways you could try to help me:

Of course, I’ll also try to accept pull requests, but that will 100% depend on the first weeks/months of feedback! I’ll adjust my plans later ;)

About giving credit

What you can do

The code is licensed under GNU GPL v3. So make sure to respect the implications of this licensing scheme if you wish to re-use or re-adapt BakeMyScan.

And although you don’t have to, I would appreciate if you could make a reference to BakeMyScan in the description of assets or applications you create thanks to it. That is the only way such a project can become viable in the long-run, by making sure to give credit to the original content creators.

What I plan to do

I am not trying to implement a “I’ll give you money to have my name on your page” scheme here, but I’ll always try my best to give appropriate credit to anyone helping me improve BakeMyScan.

Whether you made a donation, good general suggestions that I’ll follow, or shared some awesome relevant scripts, you’ll most probably have - if you wish to - a clear mention somewhere. Probably on a dedicated “Thanks to” page, or in the footer of the website as I feel this is often done by creators. Keep in mind that I won’t create a “premium” category, the idea being to thank and give credit. Not to rob you ;)

I’m thinking about something along the lines of:

I guess that this could be a really cool and elegant way to make sure that I am not the one taking credit for someone else’s work!