Bake a complex Cycles node setup


I also use this add-on to bake complex mixes of PBR textures between objects.

For instance, if I wanted to create a PBR material for a high resolution photogrammetry scan of a statue, I can adjust the previous workflow and use the add-on to:

  1. Import the high resolution model and discard its associated texture maps.
  2. Create a new Cycles node setup and mix different Principled shaders (blender PBR material): a mix of damaged brass and rusted iron textures for the body of the statue, some bronze patina where the normals are pointing up, dirt or rust in the creases, smoother metal on the “pointy” parts of the object…
  3. Create a decimated copy of the initial object, with a user-specified number of faces, and UV unwrap it.
  4. Bake the final albedo, roughness, metalness and normal textures between the high and low resolution objects.
  5. Export the lowpoly mesh and its associated textures to a .fbx file along with smartly named image files.