Soon a "Development log", for now, just some bla-bla

For BakeMyScan to become viable, you have to know what my plans are, and where BakeMyScan is heading.

I’ll take time to upload a “fancy” blog and development log later ;)


My go at helping

To put my “demonetizing” idea into practice and hopefully prove the honesty of my approach, the addon is now available on BlenderMarket for 20$ here.

But, and this is an important “but”, 100% of my “earnings” through this product sells are donated to the Blender Development Fund, which, given the 70% commission rate, represents 13.30$. The other 6.70$ go to, to support the platform allowing artists and developers to make a living around Blender.

This seems like the best way for me to further try to help the ecosystem as I can right now. And as a bonus, I can also get the “good guy” etiquette with BakeMyScan: talk about an Ego Trip !


What Open Source implies

I have decided to totally demonetize my work for now: No Paypal, no BuyMeACoffee, no Patreon… If I want this project to end up somewhere, I deeply feel like this is the way to go.

I am 100% convinced that I could have kept the sources closed, spend a full day creating fancy graphics, teasers, well prepared “elevator-pitch”, and sell a few hundreds of copies of it for - at least - 20$ on BlenderMarket.

Is it a poor decision I made? I think not as in less than a week of time, I have already gotten tons of heart-warming messages from thankful and supportive users.

And that is what I want to assess with this “hobby” of mine: can a fully honest and naive approach success when every interesting resource - even concerning blender - seems to become monetized?

That is quite a controversial question by itself, and the experience and learning process promise to get interesting. I guess we’ll have some answers soon!

Also, some have shown concern about my work getting ripped off. Should I care? That’s the deal with Open Source software, and should they happen, these kind of behavior will be heavily criticized anyway…

About the next update

I have not written a single line of code since 1.0.2, as I have had other priorities.

The version 1.0.3 (more probably 1.1.0) will be the first release I’ll publish after the addon started getting downloaded (used?), quite a lot. So I do not want to mess that one up!

Most of the changes will be “boring” minor upgrades, but some of them should settle me on a very good system for the future, and hopefully in the process I’ll get my thoughts more clear about those “project management issues”.

I’d like to try to publish it in one to three weeks, but can not promise anything here as I don’t have much time available for coding. I’ll cut the crap, here is what I have in mind concerning the addon:

Also, here is what I aim to provide concerning the “associated services”

For experimentation purposes (and a strange conception of “having fun”), I’ll try to name the next releases. I’ll probably call that one something like “A solid basis”.

A note on “small” features

Most of the items in the list above are not “sexy”: there is no thinking involved, but they have to be done.

The release will also probably include bits of other cool stuff and functionalities, as i won’t be able to resist diverging from such a boring todo list, but - and for the next few weeks - I still want to be able to experiment, not only implement.

Also, please keep in mind that features such as exporting textures to an image channel, creating different LODs, remove the original model instead of hiding it… are dead simple to implement, and although I might have a look at some of them, I don’t give them a high priority at all. So yes, “simple” features won’t be mass-implemented right now ;)


First feedbacks on are WAAAAYYY better than I even “dreamed” of. And I anticipate to be 100% overwhelmed on communication soon, but this would only comfort me in the feeling I have: I can most probably make something great happen with BakeMyScan in a few weeks of time. For a whole lot of people. And for free.

I am also starting to become schyzophrenic: I feel like I might be too optimistic and pretentious. I also feel that if my plan “works”, I could bring in a small revolution into the Open Source blender ecosystem. I’ll make my plans more clear soon.

So yeah, definitely keep tuned to the project, and forgive me if I do not reply as soon as I would like to. It is still, at the time being, “just” a hobby project of mine, and somewhat of a crazy idea. ;)

Also, the UI is not clear and I did not provide enough documentation yet. So follow, subscribe, like - whatever floats your boat - to be sure to be notified. And rest assured that I do not ask you this for my ego. I just want you to be updated easily if you enjoy what I’m trying to setup!

Thanks for your understanding!


I am currently in the process of releasing BakeMyScan and publishing this website, so if some things seem strange to you, just try to come back in a little while! Hope you’ll understand!**